Forget Me Not 2022

This colourful and whimsical ceramic piece, Forget me not, embraces the joyful, loving and safe memories of my early childhood.

I usually don’t have a plan in mind when I start these whimsical ceramics, just a large lump of clay in front of me.  I like the freedom of letting the clay tell me what animal or character wants to emerge, to be created, to be given life. To just let the subconscious mind create.

As I worked on this piece all sorts of memories from my childhood came flooding back. Happy memories of my pets, shiny red buttons from my favourite dress, the forget me not flowers from my Grandmothers garden, nursery rhymes, merry go rounds, warm woollen jumpers and sweet birthday cakes. They all came together to form this ceramic piece.

Hand built from Mid Fire no.6 white speckled clay, hand painted underglaze and wood.

26cm x 28cm x 28cm