The Bend 2022

‘The bend’ is a charcoal drawing of the Thredbo river, near Crackenback. On a breezy bush walk along the rivers edge in search of the perfect spot for the allusive brown trout, we came across this view looking down onto the river. 
The constantly changing light on the water, the distance hills and rhythmic swaying of the trees and branches in the fresh mountain air was mesmerising. The wind was in constant conversation with the gum leaves as they flickered, danced and bent in the breeze. I could have stood and watched this view forever.
Rivers and their surrounds are subjects that I often draw. Growing up on a rural property outside Goulburn instilled in me a deep love for the land. I am constantly trying to capture the light, the movement, texture and feel of our unique and beautiful Australian landscape. 
Charcoal is a medium that I love to use for my larger tonal drawings. It allows endless possibilities from delicate light tones to the darkest of marks and everything in between. 
It is perfect for capturing the subtle tones of the bush and trees that shimmer between light and dark while allowing me to capture the intricate textures and lines of the trees and rocks. 

60cm x 60cm  Charcoal on Arches