These oil paintings explore my very personal connection to the rural landscape. Some are inspired by my childhood home – a sheep property located on the Braidwood Road near Goulburn and others are near my home at Bolwarra, NSW.
I am constantly drawn to the soft muted grey/black greens of the foliage as the evening light fades or the morning light strengthens. In the evenings the colours of the trees become less, and the colour of the evening sky intensifies and glows. Every evening and morning are different. Sometimes the sky is full of billowing clouds that cause the light to bounce from cloud to cloud and create magical soft reflections of the trees on the ponds below. At other times the sky remains clear of clouds and the colours softly blend into each other. In these paintings I am trying to capture the quietness of the evenings, just before darkness engulfs the landscape and the magic of the early morning light.