I was thrilled to join an amazing group of 4 artists, Sami Bayly, Gillian Benke, Jen Denzin and Jake Henzler, to create our own art works in response to Troy Emery’s lusciously textured sculpture Park Creature.


My work, Dog Park, was created from 365 hand cut silhouettes of dogs made from black paper. Although Troy’s dog has no particular features, we know from its shape that it is indeed, a dog. I wanted to play with this idea and by using one of my favourite medium, paper, show how our brain can recognise each shape as a dog despite some of the shapes being quite obscure. I also wanted to make a link with Troy’s connection to China, where he sources his colourful textiles. I also pay homage to the Chinese Year of the Dog, with a different dog for each day of the year.

This work shows our beloved dog friends en mass as seen in dog parks where there is constant movement, interaction and fun.

Dog Park 2022 Black paper 3m x 2.5m