tree hugger 900px

Tree hugger, 2013
Graphite on paper
20cm (h) x 10cm (w)


These drawing is from our ‘Tree’ exhibition.

My series of drawings, Ever present, graphite on paper, looks at the tree and how it is ‘ever present’ in our lives…from when we were children climbing and swinging from trees, walking the dog, Christmas time, through to our final resting place…under a tree. I wanted to capture these memories and moments with the trees, and to remind us how they are such an important element in our lives and not to be taken for granted….I ask the viewer to just stop for a moment and really look at the trees around them…to see how the branches intersect the sky, the shadows they make, the patterns and repetition of shapes they form and their beautiful endless colours… we all live in a world of such beauty…if only we stopped and really looked!